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On the fourth day, Aishman Khan's film 'Bala' earned over Rs 50 crore

Aishman Khurana, Bhoomi Pednikar and Yami Gautam's film 'Bala' are hitting the box office. The film 'Bala' is released in cinemas on November 8. Aishman Khan's film 'Bala' has earned Rs 52.21 crore in four days. On the first day, the film 'Bala' earned Rs 10.15 crore. It is estimated that the film will soon surpass Rs 100 crore figures.

The film has earned around Rs 8.26 crore as of last Monday. The movie 'Bala' has earned Rs 10.15 crore on Friday, Rs 15.73 crore on Saturday and Rs 18.07 crore on Sunday. The information was provided by film and trade analyst Tarn Adarsh. Tarn tweeted: 'Bala' has crossed 50 million on the fourth day.

Aashiman's latest hit is 'Dreamgirl' (7.43 crore on the fourth day). The movie 'Bala' has earned Rs 10.15 crore on Friday, 15.73 crore on Saturday, 18.07 crore on Sunday and 8.26 crore on Monday. The film has grossed Rs 52.21 crore in four days at the box office.

Film and trade analyst Tarna Adarsh ​​tweeted another: "Aishman Kharna is on the Dream Run these days at the box office. 'Bala' has become the seventh hit film of Aashiman Khairana in the highest grossing films. His choice of stories and box office income reflect the fact that the performer is on the path to success. Very few in our industry see such a scoreboard. great! Ice cream

In addition to Aishman Kharan in 'Bala', Bhumi Pednikar, Yami Gautam, Sima Pahwa, Javier Jaffrey and Surabh Shukla. The film's director is Amar Koshak while the producer is Dinesh Vision. Aishman Khurana's film 'Bala' entertains the audience. The story of the movie is about a person who is worried about a hair loss problem. The story written on the backdrop of Kanpur has been made charming by the effective directing of Amar Koshik by resorting to comedy.

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